Use of Nettles at Home

Nettle is a weed that many gardeners hate. However, it finds its use in the treatment of many ailments and also in cosmetics.

Aromatherapy Wrap

Cold and warm compresses and wraps have their advantages not only in the treatment of colds and other problems.

Oral Intake of Aromatherapy

Oral intake of aromatherapy is a well-established practice when the oil is consumed in diluted form, for example, as part of a beverage.

Pot Pourri

Pot pourri is a mixture of dried flowers, herbs and grasses. It also has a decorative purpose and allows us to bring home a piece of nature.

Basic Use of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has many uses. It helps us relax, fills us with energy, and creates a great atmosphere that relieves stress.

Diffusers and Aroma Lamps

Diffusers are usually made of ceramic, have an opening for placing a heater and an upper part for pouring liquid. They can be used to spread the scent.

Natural Cleaning Products

Essential oil can be added to the water used to clean the house. For example, you can wipe the kitchen counter, serving plates or toilet with the mixture.

Aromatherapy in Cosmetics

Aromatic oils have been used in skin care since for ages. They are used as an alternative to commercial cosmetics.

How Essential Oils Work

The scent acts directly on the brain as a drug. Our nose is able to distinguish different odors – up to 100,000 different scents that affect us.

Extraction of Essential Oils

The chemistry behind essential oils is relatively complex and their properties change at different stages of the day and year.