Basic Use of Aromatherapy

Add 2-3 drops of essential oil, depending on which oil you choose, to the boiling water and inhale the vapors by covering your head with a towel to prevent the vapors from escaping. Steaming also helps to open skin pores, allowing better absorption into the facial skin.

For example, if you leave a bowl of hot water and oil under the bed, you will refresh the room for several hours.

You can easily use the same bowl of hot water and essential oil that you previously used for inhalation. An emergency solution is also to drip one or two drops onto a handkerchief. For a peaceful and relaxed sleep, one or two drops of essential oils on a handkerchief are enough, which you place under the pillow or put directly into the pillow.

In case of illness and injury, it is always necessary to consult them with a doctor who will suggest the correct treatment procedure. Treatment with natural methods is based on long-term experience, but is not based on scientific knowledge and clinical studies.