Bath Salt with Cedar Scent

If you’re looking for a way to relax after a busy day, you can try making bath salts with cedarwood essential oils.

The earthy aroma of cedar and cedar oil is an excellent way to relax and calm down. You can even make your own cedar bath salt from commonly available ingredients.

Use: Overall relaxation of body and mind and creation a relaxed atmosphere.

Ingredients for one bath:

  • 60 g of salt (sea or Himalayan)
  • 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil (5 ml)
  • 3 drops of cedar essential oil

Instructions for the preparation of bath salt with cedar essential oils

Take a jar large enough to hold all the salt for the batch you are preparing, and with enough remaining space for mixing. Drizzle the jojoba and cedar essential oils into the bottom of the jar first and mix the two oils together.

Then pour the salt into the glass. You can use sea salt, but Himalayan salt is preferable as it is not as drying.

In the next step, stir the contents of the glass well with a spoon. If you use a sealable jar, you can let the mixture sit before bathing, or you can make a larger amount of salt to stock up.

Jojoba oil serves as a carrier oil for essences and will also provide skin softening.