Aromatherapy Around Us

Although essential oils are the main tool of aromatherapy, you will certainly use other products derived from plants. Imagine when you sniff a flower or herb – it is aromatherapy in its most basic form. Each of us sometimes crushed mint leaves between their fingers to release its fragrant essential oils and sniff them. Just inhaling these fragrant essences triggers the healing effects of herbs.

Application not only for baths and massages

A floating sprig of rosemary or a handful of orange blossoms in the bath will soften your skin and improve your overall mood.

By moisturizing the face with pink or lavender water, you will achieve a pleasantly refreshing feeling on the skin, because the soothing properties of the plants will be dispersed throughout the skin. Burning dried herbs such as sage in the form of so-called smoking branches known from shamanic rituals, or the use of fresh herbs in homemade pot-pourri will turn your house or apartment into a kingdom of scents.

By pouring boiling water on the herbs, you will create a pleasant steam bath, which will immediately release the aromatic essences and ensure a pleasant relaxation for your face. Squeezing lemon or lime into a glass of water will release aromatic substances into the air. Fresh basil or fennel seeds in food will in turn release its healing properties directly in your body.

From the above, it is clear that aromatherapy includes a wide range of means and methods that lead to the improvement of your physical and mental condition. It does not always have to be just about olfactory sensations, a popular form is, for example, the combination of aromatherapy with massage. Aromatherapy gives us a way to relatively easily regulate and direct many of the processes that take place in our bodies – it will help us get well, get rid of bad habits or even start healthy weight loss.

Natural cleaning products

The use of aromatherapy in the production of home cleaning products has also become a popular topic, which represent an inexpensive, but above all a very gentle alternative to commonly available chemical cleaning products.

Properly chosen procedures and combinations of essential oils will affect many aspects of your life. So why not try it?